FullBackup (FBck)
v.3.5 [18/07/2012]
FBck allows the downloading of a compressed archive containing a complete backup of your site updated in real time. This can be done autonomously, quickly and at any time.

The archive download, in ZIP format, is carried out via HTTP and is compatible with all the existing download managers (e.g. Orbit Download Manager), thus saving the enormous amount of time necessary for a download via FTP.

FBck originates from the need to create a rapid, autonomous security data backup, yet with the support and integration of the provider's guarantees as well as those granted by the standard incremental backup services.

In detail, the technical specifications:
  • realtime backup of the databases linked to the website
  • creation of a ZIP archive containing all files that make up the website, updated to the latest version online
  • standaolone installation on any PHP website/application
  • long poolin system implementation to prevent browser's timeout during the compression process
  • automatic split in more differential archives aimed to speed up the download process
  • exclusion list management
  • three modes: full backup, databases only or files only
  • OPTION: use of BZIP to obtain maximum compression, if supported by the server

FBck decreases the normal backup time, download included, of 80%.


100% completed
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